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5pcslot BTS425L1 TO-220-5L new original

Cena: 7.95 EUR

10pcslot SLA5064 SLA 5064 ZIP12

Cena: 11.05 EUR

5pcslot C1905G upc1905G SOP-16

Cena: 6.14 EUR

SKM75GB121D SKM75GB123D BSKM75GB124D SKM75GB125D SKM75GB126D SKM75GB128D new original goods

Cena: 19.76 EUR

2pcslot TK6A65D K6A65D K6A65 TO220F 650V 5A MOS FET 100% new original quality assurance

Cena: 0.8 EUR

5pcslot Original CH340G IC R3 Board Free USB Cable Serial Chip SOP-16 CH340 In Stock

Cena: 1.8 EUR

Ir4426 dip8

Cena: 10.5 EUR

ESP8266 serial port WIFI industry milestone, model: ESP-05 module board

Cena: 2.95 EUR

Universal TFT touch screen display module dedicated expansion board TFT mega shield (without LCD on it)

Cena: 10 EUR

The world is easy to raspberry shell shell 3 generation B type B + shell black and white transparent three-color raspberry

Cena: 0.9 EUR

USB wireless serial port module serial to nRF24L01 new board

Cena: 2.61 EUR

HX711 module load cell dedicated 24-bit precision AD module pressure sensor board

Cena: 0.85 EUR

ProtoShield prototype expansion board with mini bread plate based

Cena: 1.04 EUR

Free Shipping 1pcs ESP8266 serial port wifi module ESP8266 wireless development board SDK development (D4B4)

Cena: 13.87 EUR

Free Shipping 2pcs Dual USB Output 9V 12V 24V 36V to 5V DC-DC Car Charger 3A Step-Down Regulator BUCK Module (H6A5)

Cena: 4.11 EUR